Tournament Format:
  1. Pool play, bracket play, or combination
  2. Tournaments: 4 game guarantee
Tournament Policies & Regulations:
  1. All players must have the same jersey color, with their individual numbers on the back. The second team listed is the home team and the home team will wear white (or lighter color jersey).
  2. 5-minute warm-ups – Time permitting - Clock starts immediately.
  3. Games will be played as scheduled. Game time is forfeit time.
  4. A team must have four players to start a game and three players to finish. Once a team is down to two players regardless of the score, the game is over and the team with two players loses.
  5. 1st grade will use a 27.5” ball. An intermediate-sized ball (28.5) will be used for all girls games and the2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade boys divisions. For 6th grade boys, a 28.5” ball may be used if both coaches agree
  6. Players must compete in their own grade classification, with the exception that players in a lower grade may participate in an older division.
  7. A player may only play for one team (per grade division) during the tournament. At the discretion of the tournament director, some age brackets may be combined based on team registrations or level of play.
  8. Teams will be responsible for supplying a scorekeeper or someone to run the clock. We ask that you use good judgment in having a responsible individual fulfill this assignment.
  9. Coaches must present their coach's pass at the registration table. A maximum of 2 coaches will be allowed free admission to the tournament
  10. Teams should arrive at least 20 minutes before game time. Remember, game time is forfeit time.
  11. No refunds will be made within two weeks prior of the tournament.
  12. There is an admission charge for adults and children ages 5+ (coaches are free – max 2 per team).
Tournament Rules – Local state interscholastic rules are used with the following exceptions:
  1. Timeouts: Three 1-minute timeouts per game, to be used in either half of the game. One additional timeout for the overtime period. Any calls for a time-out after your limit will result in a technical foul.
  2. Overtime: If teams are tied at the end of regulation, a 2-minute overtime will be played with the clock stopping for the final minute. If necessary, a 2nd overtime will be sudden death, the first point of any kind will end the game
  3. Defense: All defenses are allowed, including zone & full-court press. No full-court press after a 20-point lead (15-points in 3rd & 4th grades). In 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade, full-court press is only allowed during the last 2 minutes of each half.
  4. The clock will continue to run if there is a 20-point lead (2nd half only).
  5. Pools and brackets will be decided by the following tiebreakers – head-to-head (2 teams), point differential, points scored, points against, coin flip.
  6. Player fouls and team fouls will be played under the IHSA rules. This includes bonus and super bonus
  7. Technical Fouls: All technical fouls are an automatic 2 points and the ball.
  8. Two technical fouls on a player or coach will result in immediate ejection and a suspension for the following game. The coach or player must leave the bench/game area immediately and may no longer participate in any way.
  9. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: In the event that a coach has been issued 2 technical fouls and will not leave the beach area, he/she will have to leave the building immediately or his/her team will be disqualified. The coach will not be allowed to coach any of the remaining games in the tournament.
  10. Coaches are responsible for their fans and players. Abuse of officials by fans may result in technical fouls called on the coach or ejection from the premises. Any unbecoming conduct or use of profanity will be grounds for a technical foul, and possible ejection from the tournament facility.
  11. The referees have full authority on the court. Protests will not be allowed.
  12. The Tournament Director or Site Director has the final authority on all rules and interpretations.